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sf 254

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STANDARD FORM (SF) 254 Architect-Engineer and Related Services Questionnaire Form Approved OMB No. 9000-0004 Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 1 hour
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing sf 254
good evening and good afternoon this is Vance Hillerman from a fusion and we like to welcome you from many many countries we see we have viewers tuned in to this live webinar one in a series of safety critical optimization this one with our friends Patrick Aerospace pal at a fusion is titled optimizing do-254 and dl160 with that let's begin first a little introduction about a fusion if you don't know us already we are one of the largest service providers of avionics development and certification our current staff has provided over 250 avionics projects on-site in 35 countries we believe our services are quite literally in almost all modern aircraft fighter aircraft many weapons systems throughout the world we do do-254 training and outsourcing services along with software systems and safety we also have what we feel are the world's best certainly newest do-254 checklist and templates all new and proprietary only from a Fusion our current staff has done more do-254 gap analysis and trainings that all other competitors in the world combined at this time I'd like to introduce you to our good friends and partner Patrick at aerospace pals who could tell us a little bit about the great work he does with his engineers Patrick thanks thanks fans a CEO of aerospace pal we're a little bit smaller but no less dedicated to you as testing design engineers in the aerospace field for a company created specifically to help engineers pass dl160 if you come to our site and encourage you to do you'll see videos to help you understand the electrical test being performed the tools to analyze your design against c-160 requirements and articles that help educate engineers on deal 160 best practices and thanks I'll hand it back to you Vance to start and run through that checklist or the quiz questions oh-ho very good indeed folks who have not joined us before you're in for a treat we'd like to start our webinars with a little quiz we engineers worldwide are competitive we think we're smart I'll bet you know the answers are all these if you're not sure or you want to find out we'll be giving those answers in just 45 minutes at the end of this webinar we've also tried to time it so we'll have sufficient time to answer a few questions but we will be done within the hour first question is develop an assurance level dal that's the same as level or criticality level in do-254 is it similar to dal see in the software counterpart do-178c - or false number two do 160 has different testing for complex versus simple hardware true or false number three dal a complex electronics hardware ceh development is often 10 or more more expensive than galbi number 4 see how you're doing do-254 provides a concise definition of complex versus simple and how about number 5 hardware testing do-254 must be repeated for do 160 tests number 6 true or false the last question hardware synthesis and placement route tools are usually...